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Writing from the Wound

Posted: September 20, 2013 in Blog, Craft
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So I’ve been lucky enough to take part in the Talking Scars course on Litreactor run by renowned horror and suspense writer, Jack Ketchum.

In our first week jack gave us a lecture and and assignment. The assignment was to “Write from the Wound”.  We had to write a paragraph about a fearful/scary/terrible event that had happened to us in real life and then fictionalise it somehow in a 1200-3000 word story.

The exercise was meant to teach us to re-live an experience in our heads and transfer those emotions and feelings that we felt onto our character on the written page.  Like method acting – but for writers.

I churned out a cool little story that I’m not too sure is horror, but I feel is certainly suspenseful.  I called it “The Leper’s Hill”. The other writers in the class have all written some fantastic tales as well, based on some pretty scary real life happenings. Now I just need to try and find an appropriate market for it, which may be a little more difficult.   Really looking forward to hearing Jack’s feedback on our tales.

You can find a link to the mp3 audio of Jack’s Writing from the Wound lecture on his website, here:

Talking Scars

Posted: September 10, 2013 in Blog
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Starting a horror writing course soon which I hope will introduce me to some new techniques and help me voice the kind of messages I want to voice when I’m writing. I hoping, one day, to be able to paint the kind of picture which readers can’t look away from, no matter how much they may wish to.

Its called “Talking Scars” and is being taught by Jack Ketchum on


For those of you who dont know Jack Ketchum (pen name of Dallas Mayr) he is one of the great living horror writers, a Bram Stoker award winner and a World Horror Convention Grand Master. In short, he writes some scary, gut-churning shit but what I love most about it is I feel that his characters are very well written and their inner fears are always made plain for the reader in a way that the reader can often empathise with them.  Then Jack drops them in brutal situations and it all goes downhill from there.

Will keep you updated as to how the course goes. Cant wait!