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Hi Everyone,

The Suspended in Dusk 2 anthology was picked up by a new publisher, Grey Matter Press.   As with part 1 of the series, Suspended in Dusk 2 is anthology of horror and dark fiction that continues examines themes of change and the moments between the light and the dark.

I’m very thrilled to announce that January 2018 will see the publication of Suspended in Dusk 2.

Just check out this sexy terrifying cover, created by the incredibly talented Dean Samed:


The book features and fantastic introduction from British Fantasy Award and World Fantasy award winning author Angela Slatter, in addition to 17 stories from some of the best horror and dark fiction writers today.

Table of Contents:

Introduction – Angela Slatter
Love is a Cavity I Can’t Stop Touching – Stephen Graham Jones
The Sundowners – Damien Angelica Walters
Crying Demon – Alan Baxter
Still Life with Natalie – Sarah Read
That Damned Cat – Nerine Dorman
The Immortal Dead – JC Michael
Mother of Shadows – Benjamin Knox
There’s No Light Between Floors – Paul Tremblay
Another World – Ramsey Campbell
The Mournful Cry of Owls – Christopher Golden
Riptide – Dan Rabarts
Dealing in Shadows – Annie Neugebauer
Angeline – Karen Runge
The Hopeless People in the Uninhabitable Places – Letitia Trent
Wants and Needs – Paul Michael Anderson
An Elegy to Childhood Monsters – Gwendolyn Kiste
Lying in the Sun on a Fairytale Day – Bracken MacLeod

I know Grey Matter Press and myself are really looking forward to getting this fantastic book into the hands of readers in a few months time! Stay tuned!



SiD 2 Title2

Hi everyone,

I’ve been waiting for a while release the table of contents for Suspended in Dusk 2 but all the contracts are in and my hands have been unshackled.  There were a couple of changes to the line up. Unfortunately, Mercedes Yardley and Nikki Guerlain wont be joining us due to other commitments. I do very much hope to work with them both soon on future projects.  As sad as that is, there are some fantastic new additions to the line up whose work I am thrilled to be including in the anthology.

So, without further ado, and in no particular order,…

Suspended in Dusk 2 – Table of Contents

  1. Introduction by Angela Slatter
  2. Deadman’s Road by Joe R. Lansdale
  3. The Mournful Cry of Owls by Christopher Golden
  4. The Immortal Dead by JC Michael
  5. That Damned Cat by Nerine Dorman
  6. Another World by Ramsey Campbell
  7. Angeline by Karen Runge
  8. Mother of Shadows by Benjamin Knox
  9. Love is a Cavity I Can’t Stop Touching by Stephen Graham Jones
  10. Crying Demon by Alan Baxter
  11. The Sundowners by Damien Angelica Walters
  12. Still Life with Natalie by Sarah Read
  13. Riptide by Dan Rabarts
  14. Dealing in Shadows by Annie Neugebauer
  15. There’s no light between floors by Paul Tremblay

Editing continues apace and I’m looking forward to receiving some cover art soon, which I’ll no doubt share in due course!

This book features a few Easter eggs for readers too:

Mother of Shadows by Benjamin Knox is a continuation of the story from the original Suspended in Dusk anthology, A Keeper of Secrets. Ben and I worked hard to ensure it reads very fine as its own standalone tale, but readers of the first anthology should be enjoy the continuation of this story.

In what is becoming a Suspended in Dusk tradition, I’ve included a story which is dark yet also quite humorous, Nerine Dorman’s That Damned Cat.

Lastly,  there are several fantastic art pieces by the incredibly talented artist Aaron Dries,  which will appear exclusively in the paperback version of the anthology.

I am very happy with how this book is shaping up and I know there will be something for all horror readers and readers of dark fiction within these pages.


Simon Dewar



SiD 2 Title2

Hi Everyone,

I’m here to drip feed you some exciting news regarding Suspended in Dusk 2 (forthcoming from Books of the Dead Press, mid 2016).  The open submission period for 2 spots in the table of contents closes tomorrow and so I’ve yet to choose those particular stories, but I can confirm the following authors will feature stories in Suspended in Dusk 2:

Benjamin Knox,
Stephen Graham Jones
Damien Angelica Walters
Paul Tremblay 
Karen Runge
Alan Baxter
Mercedes Murdock Yardley
JC Michael
Nerine Dorman
Sarah Read
Nikki Guerlain
Ramsey Campbell 

Much to my delight, the anthology will be introduced by the British Fantasy Award and World Fantasy Award winning author, Angela Slatter.

In addition, the paperback edition of Suspended in Dusk 2 will feature 5 interior illustrations by the seriously talented artist of the macabre, Aaron Dries.  I’ve just received Aaron’s illustration of Stephen Graham Jones’ story in my inbox and I’m really blown away.  If all goes to plan I’ll share one of the images on my blog before the book goes to print so you can get a peek at what’s in store.

Final announcement regarding the stories chosen from the open submission will be made by the end of March 2016. In addition, any other tricks I have up my sleeve will be announced at the same time.


Suspended in Dusk has been released on Amazon.  Link: 

Epub and print versions are to follow shortly. I’ll post again once they’ve been released.


“Disquieting and at times terrifying, SUSPENDED IN DUSK shows that horror can, and should, have substance.” ~ Kaaron Warren, Shirley Jackson Award winner, and author of Slights, Mystification, Walking the Tree.

“SUSPENDED IN DUSK offers a delicious assortment of chills, frights, shocks and very dark delights!” ~ Jonathan Maberry, Bram Stoker Award winner and New York Times bestselling author of Fall of Night and V-Wars

Suspended In Dusk NEW

Dusk: A time between times.

A whore hides something monstrous and finds something special.
A homeless man discovers the razor blade inside the apple.
Unlikely love is found in the strangest of places.
Secrets and dreams are kept… forever.

Or was it all just a trick of the light?

Suspended in Dusk brings together 19 stories by some of the finest minds in Dark Fiction:

Ramsey Campbell, John Everson, Rayne Hall, Shane McKenzie, Angela Slatter, Alan Baxter, S.G Larner, Wendy Hammer, Sarah Read, Karen Runge, Toby Bennett, Benjamin Knox, Brett Rex Bruton, Icy Sedgwick, Tom Dullemond, Armand Rosamilia, Chris Limb, Anna Reith, J.C. Michael.

Introduction by Bram Stoker Award Winner and World Horror Convention Grand Master, Jack Ketchum.

I first bumped into Benjamin Knox on the pages of Bloody Parchment: The Root Cellar and Other Stories.  Bloody Parchment is the literary component of the South African Horrorfest. It’s a competition held every year and the finalists are published in the Bloody Parchment anthology edited by the fantastic Nerine Dorman.   Ben Knox is one of the most exciting new writer’s I’ve come across and his story “A Keeper of Secrets” in Suspended in Dusk, is some seriously creepy shit.

I hope you enjoy my little chat with the super talented and super creepy, Benjamin Knox.


BK portrait cropped thumbnail


Tell me a bit about yourself, where are you from and what brought you into writing? What drives you to continue writing?

I’m mostly known for my short dark fiction. I’m of Scottish origin but have lived in too many countries to name here (my folks moved a lot, hmmm, – dawning realisation – perhaps they were secret agents?). I was always making up stories and drawing pictures, so I can’t believe it took me until my late twenties to realise that I should be writing them down. Since then I’ve not stopped.  I can’t stop and don’t want to. I think I’d’ve been that weird type back in prehistory that made up weird stories by firelight to entertain and terrify.

It’s just in me. Besides, it’s too much fun.


What genres interest you most and which do you write in?

Mostly I’m into Pulp Horror, you know the type with slimy monsters and classic tropes. However I do like my grim, eerie and creepy stuff too. Both of which I write as well as read. Also there is a wonderful overlapping where horror meets thriller, that is a place I am very comfortable in; non-supernatural suspense.


What are your thoughts about short stories and the short form? Do you have a particular favourite short story?

Tough to choose. Probably Thomas Ligotti’s The Red Tower or maybe The Bungalow House (anything from Teatro Grottesco really). I love short form fiction. Personally my preference both for writing and reading is the novella. Enough length and depth to sink your teeth into, but not too much that it gets bogged down – or if you have a short attention span like me. More often we have little time to dedicate to reading these days. What time we do set aside is often short, hence reading habits have changed. Reading during a commute is now more prevalent than in the evening curled up in bed.

Also, as a reader myself, I’m much more likely to invest my time in a new author with a short story or novella than I am with 300+ pages. I’ve discovered many authors I thoroughly enjoy this way. And it’s because I’m willing to give 100 or so pages of almost anything a shot.


What has been the highlight of your writing career so far?

So far; having VIRAL, a four part novella series (which I wrote with Toby Bennett) published through Dark Continents Publishing. It’s 30 Days of Night meets Resident Evil by way of Bladerunner.


Do you have any outstanding writing goals you’re working to achieve?

I’d really like to have work published with DarkFuse. They are home to two of my favourite authors (who have influenced me quite a bit) William Meikle and Tim Curran. Meikle is fun adventure pulp all the way and Curran’s undead are ultra-violent and ghoulish, totally up my alley. DF also do limited edition hardbacks of the novellas they publish, which certainly appeals to the book-geek in me.


Do you have any interesting projects on the horizon that you’d like to share some info with us about?

Too many to name here. I’m gearing up to release four novellas each year, one every season. Each will be stand alone and will be different in theme and style from the others. I also am looking forward to starting a fresh project with Toby Bennett before we get stuck into a possible VIRAL sequel.


What advice do you have for new or aspiring writers?

Little that would be encouraging. Basically if you are looking for praise, money and fame…you are in the wrong industry. However, the main bit of advice I can give aspiring authors is this; turn off the internet and get your daily word count done. If you actually want to write, no excuses. Get it done.

Hi everyone,

It’s been a while since  I’ve had a chance to post. Work has been flat out, my beautiful wife is pregnant with twins that are due mid-June and I’ve been buried deep in the second round of edits for the Suspended in Dusk anthology.

Because of all these hectic goings-on, I’ve neglected to give you all a teaser about Suspended in Dusk, so here I am to remedy that.

Here is the (unordered) Table of Contents for the anthology; a fantastic list of authors and a fantastic line up of stories.

Alan Baxter – Shadows of the Lonely Dead
Angela Slatter – The Way of All Flesh
Anna Reith – Taming the Stars
Armand Rosamilia – At Dusk They Come
Benjamin Knox – The Keeper of Secrets
Brett Rex Bruton – Outside In
Chris Limb – Ministry of Outrage
Icy Sedgwick – A Woman of Disrepute
J C Michael – Reasons to Kill
John Everson – Spirits Having Flown (Reprint)
Karen Runge – Hope is Here
Ramsey Campbell – Digging Deep  (Reprint)
Rayne Hall – Burning (Reprint)
Sarah Read – Quarter Turn to Dawn
Shane McKenzie – Fit Camp (Reprint)
S. G. Larner – Shades of Memory 
Tom Dullemond – Would to God That We Were There
Toby Bennett – Maid of Bone
Wendy Hammer – Negatives 

Some of the names above are quite well known but there are also  a few fresh new voices in the mix. All of the stories are, in my opinion, of a fantastic standard. All of them, in some way or another, literally or metaphorically, deal with the title theme Suspended in Dusk, and do so in vastly different ways.   I’m honoured to be working with such a fantastic and august line-up of authors.