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Straight out, this has to be one of the best anthology ideas and the funniest submission call ever.  Proceeds to go to charity but still pays authors 10c/word.  Fiction, Non-fiction, Poetry, etc up to 5000 words relating to depression, suicide etc.  Edited by Linda Nagle.



Bram Stoker Award nominated writer and editor Marty Young is editing a new anthology for Cohesion Press, titled Blurring the Line.

8c/word pro-rate, with a respected editor and from a exciting new press who’ve worked with some real talent. I’ll be kicking myself if I don’t at least sub to this one.

Do you really know what’s real and what isn’t?
A man called Arnold Paole was accused of being a vampire in 1732 in Yugoslavia, after his body was dug up five years after his death and found with long pointed teeth and nails, with blood in his mouth.
The Mothman of West Virginia was a winged man-sized creature with glowing red eyes and huge moth-like wings sprouting from its back, seen repeatedly during 1967 and 1968.
In 1977, a dead creature that looked a lot like a plesiosaur was caught in the nets of a Japanese fishing vessel, the Zuiyo-maru, offshore east of Christchurch, New Zealand.
The sage Apollonius of Tyana, born in Turkey at the start of the first century AD, hunted demons, and once saved one of his students from a vampire who was going to drink his blood and eat his soul.
These are all supposedly true stories. And there are more, more tales of monsters that shouldn’t exist, of demons and devil possession, of serial killers wearing human skin, ghosts terrorizing families…
But these tales also sound like fiction, don’t they?

Grey Matter Press are quickly becoming one of my favourite publishers. Tony Rivera and Sharon Lawson are Bram Stoker Award nominated editing team churning out some fucking fantastic fiction from old masters and new blood alike. The theme for this anthology, Savage Beasts, is fantastic and .. frankly.. I wish I’d thought of it myself. It promises to be an awesome collection.

I’ve subbed already.. why haven’t you??

It’s said that music makes the world go around.
But it also soothes the SAVAGE BEASTS within us all.

For our next anthology of horror–working title SAVAGE BEASTS–we’re looking for dark and terrifying tales of fiction that have been scratched into the inside of your skull by the musical earworms to which you listen.

Hundreds of authors report getting their inspiration for their dark tales from music. Whether that musical choice be metal, classic rock, country or the far more horrifying pop tunes that ramble in and out of your head, any source of inspiration will work. Whether a complete song, or a single lyric, as long as your inspiration is musical it will qualify your exceptional piece of dark fiction for consideration into SAVAGE BEASTS.

As with our complete catalog of bestselling anthologies, we do not want to limit your creativity with a narrowly themed collection. Anywhere your mind goes, so long as it’s been taken there by some form of music, will work for your submission. But, as always, be prepared to scare the hell out of us.

See link for submission guidelines.

New submission call from Ticonderoga Publications for an anthology titled Bloodlines.

Everyone check it out because its edited by Amanda Pillar, and because it’s a cool concept for an anthology. And because it shares a name with a super badass Slayer song.
That’s like a triumvirate of awesome, right there.

A new anthology edited by Amanda Pillar
Blood will tell… blood holds memory… blood is sacrifice… blood is thicker than water… blood is life.
Bloodlines will feature non-traditional horror stories, which take place in an urban fantasy setting. Give me stories about creatures that need blood to live, or blood to do magic, or whose blood is magic. Witches, shamans, faeries, ancient gods and humans can feature in this collection, so long as your story exudes magic and mystery. So long as you enchant me.
As for the nitty-gritties:
No science fiction stories will be accepted;
Romance is acceptable, as long as the story is dark and has horrific themes/elements;
Do not send stories written in the second person;
While vampire stories can be submitted, please note that it would be in your best interests to wow me with something other than vampires.
Lastly, the story must be on theme and meet the above guidelines. It must have blood (its need, use, potency etc.) as a major focus. If it does not, your story will be rejected.
The anthology will be published by Ticonderoga Publications in late 2014/early 2015.
Submission guidelines:
Send me your best dark urban fantasy story.
Story length 1,000 to 7,500 words.
Original stories only: no reprints, multiple, or simultaneous submissions (please only submit one story).
Stories may be submitted via email at
Manuscript format: double spaced, large margins, Times New Roman font, Australian English spelling.
The editor reserves the right to use their discretion in selecting stories.
Submission period: 1 August 2014 to 15 October 2014
Payment: 2 copies of anthology and Aus 2 cents/word (GST inc., maximum payment $150) on publication.