StokerCon or Bust story and novel edits to fundraise for Marni Molina

Posted: April 14, 2016 in Editing, News
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Hi Everyone,

I’m selling some short stories edits as perks to fund raise for Marni.  She’s a single mum and mother to a special needs child. We’re trying to give her a weekend off to recharge and help restart her writing career by sending her to StokerCon in Vegas.  I’m offering 4 short story edits. Stories up to 7500 words.  I’ll do two full editing passes on the manuscript,  both developmental and copy edits. I’ll provide an overall manuscript assessment and advice on what might be suitable markets for the story.  I will edit this as though it as a story going into an anthology that has my name on the front.  I’ll edit any genre, although I do specialise in Horror.


Please be generous and consider donating and picking up some sweet perks.   Kerri-Leigh Grady, a former editor at the romance press Entangled, is also offering *fantastic value* novel length edits for stupidly low amounts.

We’re not in this to fleece anyone or make a squillion dollars, we just wanna get this lovely hard working Super Mum a weekend in Vegas for herself.


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