Suspended in Dusk 2: Open Submission

Posted: November 10, 2015 in Editing, Projects
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SiD 2 Title2

I am pleased to announce, Books of the Dead Press is opening 2 spots for stories in the Suspended in Dusk 2 anthology in an open submission.

Writing Prompts/Examples: 
If you’re curious about what might be suitable I recommend checking out Suspended in Dusk, which is currently only 99 cents on Amazon.  Here.
Show me something that plays on the theme of light/dark (Wendy Hammer did this in the original Suspended in Dusk with her story Negatives) , or don’t… show me a person, people, society on the edge of the proverbial abyss (Chris Limb did this with Ministry of Outrage). Show me a story of someone on the grey fringes of normal society (Karen Runge, Hope is Here!). Show me a person, or people undergoing some kind of change,.. willing or otherwise. Knowing or otherwise (Shane Mckenzie, Fit Camp). Show me something that is brought into the light, but everyone would’ve been safer if it had been left alone where it was (Benjamin Knox, Keeper of Secrets).
Submission Guidelines:
1. Try and scare me or creep me out.  Or show me something dark and pretty.  No subject off limits although try and make sex and violence relevant to the plot and characters.  If you’re going with a common trope, put a fresh spin on it.
2. Submit all stories to  with the following in the subject line   Suspended in Dusk 2 – <Author Name> –  <Story Name>
3. Submission deadline 29 Feb 2016
4. Word count – 3000 – 7500 words.
5. 12 pt Times New Roman. Standard manuscript format.
6. Italicise your italics, don’t underline.
7.  No Pictures within your manuscript.
8.  Please ensure you’re able to use track changes.
9. No simultaneous submission to other markets.
10.  No Multiple submissions. Send your best story.
Author compensation:
$25USD plus print and ebook copy.
ETA of Publication:
Estimated mid-2016
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  4. The first “Suspended…” antho was excellent. I reviewed it a few months back at Parlor of Horror!

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