Suspended in Dusk #horror anthology news roundup

Posted: December 23, 2014 in News, Projects, Reviews
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In conjunction with a 5 year anniversary sale from Books of the Dead Press, the anthology is currently selling for 99c on

Please consider checking out the other Books of the Dead titles many of which are free or reduced to 99c. There are some fantastic books by amazing authors. You wont regret it.

I’ve been busy of late doing promotional work for the anthology and along with the sale this has achieved some success.  For a while at least Suspended in Dusk was the no.1 best selling #horror anthology on  This is great news for the authors whose stories are within the collection.


There have been a few good reviews of Suspended in Dusk of late. My personal favourites were the review on and one of the reviews on

But besides the buckets of gore, blood, creep and crawl these stories present smarts. There are morals hidden beneath the piles of bodies and in back of the winding spirits; modern parables all for our times that set this collection above most of the recent anthologies being hawked today.

This is a solid investment of your time and eye sight.


The cover is exquisite. The editor did a good job selecting the content authors, and the editing is of high-quality. The roster contains talent from all over: Australia, UK, US and South Africa, which has a healthy pulse of fresh voices. Overall, I suggest this to any horror author, because chances are, there’s a story within tailored to your liking. As Jack Ketchum states in his introduction—”You’re in good hands here.” More from Simon’s editing desk, please. Call me greedy.

2 .

In coming days we should have news of the print run of Suspended in Dusk. I know there are a few people out there at least who are hanging for a paperback version, in which case you’ll be able to pick one up in the early new year. I’ll update with more info when it’s available,

Other News:

I am currently in the process of planning the next project and will have news in coming days once it’s all be ironed out with the publisher. Hopefully will have news early next year.  I can only hope that project #2 is as well received as Suspended in Dusk has been. What a privilege this has been for my debut editing gig.

Wishing everyone a Happy Christmas, Hanukah, or holiday season.

  1. Nasser Kat says:

    Great work mate. Looking forward to the paperback. It’s been a while since I’ve sampled such a wonderful collection of horror works.

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