Submission Call – Savage Beasts anthology – Grey Matter Press

Posted: August 5, 2014 in Market, Uncategorized
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Grey Matter Press are quickly becoming one of my favourite publishers. Tony Rivera and Sharon Lawson are Bram Stoker Award nominated editing team churning out some fucking fantastic fiction from old masters and new blood alike. The theme for this anthology, Savage Beasts, is fantastic and .. frankly.. I wish I’d thought of it myself. It promises to be an awesome collection.

I’ve subbed already.. why haven’t you??

It’s said that music makes the world go around.
But it also soothes the SAVAGE BEASTS within us all.

For our next anthology of horror–working title SAVAGE BEASTS–we’re looking for dark and terrifying tales of fiction that have been scratched into the inside of your skull by the musical earworms to which you listen.

Hundreds of authors report getting their inspiration for their dark tales from music. Whether that musical choice be metal, classic rock, country or the far more horrifying pop tunes that ramble in and out of your head, any source of inspiration will work. Whether a complete song, or a single lyric, as long as your inspiration is musical it will qualify your exceptional piece of dark fiction for consideration into SAVAGE BEASTS.

As with our complete catalog of bestselling anthologies, we do not want to limit your creativity with a narrowly themed collection. Anywhere your mind goes, so long as it’s been taken there by some form of music, will work for your submission. But, as always, be prepared to scare the hell out of us.

See link for submission guidelines.


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