The Sea anthology from Dark Continents Publishing is now available

Posted: July 11, 2014 in Submissions and Projects

Hi everyone,

Super stoked that The Sea is now available from Dark Continents publishing. I’m humbled to have my story “The Wire Bird” feature alongside so many excellent writers.

Here is the cover and table of contents


Alex Hughes, Amy Lee Burgess, Andrea Jones, Anna Reith, Barry King, Benjamin Knox, Camille Griep, Diane Awerbuck, Donn Webb, J.C. Piech, Martin Rose, Patrick O’Neill, Rob Porteous, S.A Partridge, Simon Dewar, Steve Jones, Toby Bennett, Wayne Goodchild

To my great delight, the fantastic Anna Reith, Benjamin Knox, and Toby Bennett have also sold stories to my Suspended in Dusk anthology to be released by Books of the Dead Press

I hope you take the time to check out this fantastic themed anthology and please drop by to tell me what you thought of The Wire Bird. It’s definitely one of my favourite stories I’ve written to date.

You can find it in electronic form here:

The Sea will be released in print in coming weeks.



  1. Karen says:

    Fantastic!! This looks great, good stuff!

    • simondewar says:

      Thanks so much Karen! I’m really happy with my story in this anthology, i rewrote the thing in 1st person about 24hrs before the sub deadline and its more of a dark fantasy story than horror, so it was something different for me.

      Also awesome because: PIRATES! YARGH! lol

  2. Sounds great! Would love to pick it up in paperback when it’s released. If I don’t see it soon, I’ll pick up the eBook.

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