Addicted to the Dead — Chapter 1

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Calico dragged the girl down the hall toward the studio by her hair. He kept his eyes straight, not once turning to look at her, even as she pleaded with him.

“Come on, man. This ain’t right…I’ll pay you guys. I sw—I swear to fucking god.”

Her bare legs and feet screeched as they slid across the linoleum floor.

They always begged, the addicts, always made promises of payment. But if they were being dragged from the detox facility into the studio, they’d already been given plenty of chances to pay up.

Once Calico was called in, it was too late.

“You’re hurting me, motherfucker…nghh…”

He jerked harder, felt something tear. The girl yelped and he felt her legs give out, then he jerked again.

She sucked in a breath through clenched teeth, grabbed at Calico’s fist with both hands. “Please…please don’t hurt me.”

Calico stopped, lifted her to…

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