Writing work flow and bad habits

Posted: September 11, 2013 in Craft
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I think I really have some quite bad habits when It comes to writing. A few sold stories into my writing career and I’m already wondering if I need to have a look at the processes I use to turn out my work.

I’ve tended to spend and evening writing, perhaps a thousand words of a short or something and then next time I come back to it and open the file, I start editing what I’ve already written until I’ve reached the point where I finished last time BEFORE I start actually writing again. I’d always convinced myself that this helped me “re-immerse myself” in the story etc, so the new night’s righting would be totally top notch! (yeah right!). I’ve since realised that this is just my inner procrastinator preventing me from achieving a decent word count.

Having noticed that I do this I started skimming reading through the previous nights work and just highlighting (fluoro yellow) a sentence or a paragraph here and there that I wanted to get back to and rewrite or address. This saves sometime but my inner procrastinator is still saying “Simon, you didn’t immerse yourself properly now this next sprint is gonna suck ass…”

The most productive I’ve ever worked was to tight deadlines for anthology submissions or on my lunch break at work where I know I’ve only got an hour to smash out some story. and at the end of the day I’ve not sure that I’ve lost any value all from just jumping right in and *writing*.

It’s amazing how easily we fool ourselves into thinking our cruddy habits are necessary.

What works for you? How do you be the most productive you can be?
What are your bad habits and how do you deal with them?


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